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Computer Networking

Find out if computer networking services are right for your South Carolina business.

Computer Repair

Whether your desktop is lagging or your laptop suddenly stopped charging, Computer Trends can help.

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Bring your computer to us right away to get rid of a virus before it destroys your data.

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Whether you need it for business or personal use, your computer is an integral part of your life. You store your private information, business documents and photos on it. If your computer breaks down, visit Computer Trends right away. We offer a variety of computer services in Spartanburg, SC and beyond. We can do everything, from setting up a server station to repairing your laptop.

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Kay Kirby

I would highly recommend Computer Trends for all of your computer needs. Every time I have had a question or problem, they are very quick, patient, and efficient to meet my need. They are also very affordable! Thank you!

Brian Jonson

quality service is still around

with my job I have to work out of my home. When my hardware has a failure I know that I can count on computer trends to get me up and running in a very timely and professional manner. The guys at computer trends are very knowledgeable about today's industry and on the cutting edge of technology that helps me keep on my toes for my customers. I would suggest computer trends to work with anyone or any business needs you may have.

Brett Fitzgerald

Thought all was lost

I thought I had lost everything on my computer. But the guys at computer trends were able to save everything on my hard drive and remove the viruses that cause the problem. They were very professional, and turn around time was faster than I had expected. I would recommend them to work on anybody's machines.

Billy Bell

Outstanding Service and Very Knowledgeable

The guys at Computer Trends really need took the time to explain lots of different things that I didn't understand and were very reasonable on what they charged. They spent a lot of time on my computer and didn't charge by the hour like some people do. I highly recommend them.

We can handle all of your computer needs

Computer Trends is dedicated to providing superior computer services to clients in the Spartanburg, SC area. Our services include:

  • Computer networking, to connect your computers onto a shared network
  • Computer repair, to fix your hardware issues or clean up your device
  • Virus removal, to get rid of malware or viruses
  • Data backup and recovery, to keep your computer's data safe